ARTECHOUSE and Parallel Universe

ARTECHOUSE is a first of its kind interactive digital art gallery. Founded by Sandro Kereselidze in June 2017, it is located in Washington DC and was created as a unique venue for techno art.

Since opening the works of such prominent artists as Adrien M & Claire B, Oilhack & Thomas Bland, and the Turkish artist group Ouchhh and XYZT. ARTECHOUSE also features in-house installations with different artists for seasonal celebrations, such as Autumn, Christmas, and Cherry Blossom.

ARTECHOUSE considers itself a pioneer in the use of technology in art. The current installation”Parallel Universe” is Ouchh’s first solo exhibit in the United States. Kereselidze was delighted with interactions of people immersing themselves in this incredible installation.  He described the Instagram pictures posted by visitors evoked feelings of looking at the Milky Way.

ARTECHOUSE is the first augmented reality (AR) bar in the United States. Drinks can be activated through the Artechouse mobile app.

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