Ceylan and Clay Conger

Turkish American Proudly Television Presents

An interview with Ceylan and Clay Conger,
two siblings of both American and Turkish descent who are writing a book
about their colorful grandmother, Beti.

Born in DC from a Turkish mother and American father, Ceylan and Clay experienced a wide variety of cultural traditions during their childhood and adolescence. They were raised Catholic, but with a Muslim mother and Jewish grandmother, their weekends were a whirlwind of different customs yet it all felt normal to them. Only when they reached adulthood did they realize not only the unique environment in which they grew up, but how many stories they could share with others.

In the center of all this was their grandmother, Beti, a charismatic and unforgettable woman who acted as the matriarch of the family and was a constant source of entertainment. Before passing away to cancer, she spent three weeks in the Congers’ household, being visited by family and friends from all over the world. The memories of that tumultuous period gave Ceylan and Clay the inspiration to write a novel, entitled “How to Host a Turkish Funeral,” featuring funny and touching stories about their grandmother and growing up in such a rich and multicultural setting. Please join us as we speak with Ceylan and Clay about Beti, their childhood and how the experience has shaped who they are today.

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