Episode 6: The Afghans

TATV presents world premiere of
“Open Door” documentary!

Episode 6: “The Afghans”
Only on cable TV

Mass numbers the Afghan people migrated to neighboring countries, after the Soviet invasion. By 1982 some 2.8 million Afghans had sought asylum in Pakistan, and another 1.5 million had fled to Iran.

This episode, based on people who witnessed the migration tells the story of how Turkmen, Uzbek, Pamir Kirghiz, Kazakhs were brought to Turkey.

Filmed in Turkey and Afghanistan, the documentary tells the journey, their current lives and their acclamation. Included in this episode are interviews with leaders and policy makers of this exodus.

Open Door Documentary is aired weekly and only available through cable TV channels listed on turkishamericantv.org/open-door-program

#opendoor Director Mehmet M. Polat

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