Year in review – 2013

Turkish American Television is proud and happy to mark the end of 2013 by bringing many extraordinary video productions to our viewers.

Concerts and Music

Cécile McLorin SalvantFrench-American jazz singer Cécile McLorin Salvant performs at the Turkish Embassy Residence, as part of Ertegun Jazz Series. Ambassador Namık Tan launched the Ertegün Jazz Series three years ago in collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center. Opening remarks by world renowned jazz legend and music icon Herbie Hancock and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

Nazan and UtarNazan and Utar: Two young, talented artists Singer, songwriter and guitarist. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Nazan Nihal derives the inspiration behind her music through the real-life experiences of others.  Composer, film scorer and jazz pianist Utar Artun and. Nazan are working on collaborative projects.


Arlington Community Music Instructors

Listen to a great jam session and interviews with Arlington County Adult Education Program instructors Engin Tanis, Amy White, Toya Tanis, Paul Brown and Greg Sales. Program Coordinator Raul Matos outlines the goals of the program. TATV’s own Engin Tanis introduced the idea of an instrument drive to benefit children who want to learn and play musical instruments but are unable to afford their rental costs.

Festival and Convention

Washington DC Turkish Festival 2013

Washington DC Turkish Festival 2013

Relive the magic of the 11th Turkish festival or attend it for the first time by watching this episode. The Annual Washington DC Turkish Festival brought thousands in downtown DC to celebrate Turkish culture, heritage and friendship between Turkish and American people. Festival goers enjoyed the folk dances, live music performances, a traditional bazaar, Turkish coffee fortune telling, arts & crafts for children and other cultural exhibits all day long.


NLC2012 The 32nd Annual Turkish American National Convention took place  in Washington, DC. The Annual Convention was hosted by America’s most established national Turkish American organizations — the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA), Federation of Turkish American Associations (FTAA), and Turkish American Community Centers (TACC).

Inspiring Speeches and Meditation

Paul White telling the story of  "Rose Beauty"

Paul White telling the story of “Rose Beauty”

Story telling by masters of public speeking at the Prime Time Toastmaster Club. Paul White, a Distinguished Toastmaster, masterfully tells a magical story of “Rose Beauty”, a Turkish folk tale. Shu Bartholomew, also a Distinguished Toastmaster, the past president and co-founder of the Prime Time Toastmaster club, and a radio show producer at Fairfax Public Access, shares her memories of visiting Turkey as a teenager.




Kalimasada serves as a form of healing, self-defense and exercise. It also teaches and challenges its practitioners to channel their breathing more effectively, improving their overall energy levels and health. Chairperson of Kalimasada USA, Meitie Wilson, tells the intricate philosophy of Kalimasada.


Holiday Traditions Around the World Click on the picture to watch the video

Holiday Traditions Around the World
Click on the picture to watch the video

Holiday Traditions Around the World: A Prime Time Toastmasters Special! Andrea Candela speaks of fascinating New Year traditions around the world, and Distinguished Toasmaster (DTM) Paul White speaks of the differences of religious holiday traditions that in reality unite humanity. Toastmasters International has over 292,000 clubs worldwide and is dedicated to helping its members improve their speaking and leadership skills. Primetime Toastmasters is a unique multimedia club among these thousands and is composed of committed, diverse, and friendly individuals who convene biweekly at Fairfax Public Access in Fairfax, VA.


Cross-Culture and Immigration

Ebony-Nicole Kelly and Goksin CArey

Ebony-Nicole Kelly and Goksin CArey

Ebony-Nicole Kelly, cross-cultural education specialist, shares her love of Turkey, speaks about her travels while in Turkey, her experiences, and working in an international school as well as her volunteer service for the American Turkish Association of Washington DC (ATA-DC).




Mark Meirowitz (on the right) with President of TRNC Derviş Eroğlu

Mark Meirowitz (on the right) with President of TRNC Derviş Eroğlu

Mark Meirowitz talks about his trip to Northern Cyprus in Summer of 2012. Mark is an attorney who holds a doctorate in politics and teaches politics, history, and English at a number of colleges in New York.





Goksin Carey and Efe

Attorney Efe Potoroglu, partner at Butzel Long Tighe Patton PLLC, provides an informative and very straightforward account of the much-anticipated immigration reform bill and its implications. Age, level of education, and the type of employment are all factors that will be taken into consideration when issuing green cards if this bill is to pass.


Sit back and relax this holiday season, and enjoy these online TATV programs on your favorite media player.

Thank you for your continued support. Best wishes for 2014!

Turkish American TV Production Team

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