Episode 8: The Syrians

TATV presents world premiere of
“Open Door” documentary!

Episode 8: “The Syrians”
Only on cable TV

Turkey hosts close to 2.5 million Syrians who have escaped the civil war. The documentary was filmed near the Syrian Turkish border and brings to light their problems and expectations. Filmed in refugee camps near the borders we talked about how they escaped, their views on the war, and how they live. Senior member of AFAD, The Red Crescent and UNHCR were interviewed.

This episode also focuses on the Syrians living in urban areas away from the camps and touches subjects such as the integration and rehabilitation of the Syrians, especially focusing on women and children. Last, we try to shine light on why the Syrian people are trying to emigrate to Europe assed through the eyes of experts.

Open Door Documentary is aired weekly and only available through cable TV channels listed on turkishamericantv.org/open-door-program

#opendoor Director Mehmet M. Polat

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