Episode 4: Iraqi Kurds

TATV presents world premiere of
“Open Door” documentary!

Episode 4: “Iraqi Kurds”
Only on cable TV

Created after the Ottoman Empire fell, Iraq’s Kurds met with repression and persecution. First by British-backed King Faisal and then by Saddam Husseyin backed by the Baath regime. Thousands of people were killed and massacred; including chemical attacks in 1932, 1975 and 1988 bringing about four mass-migration in 1991.

Filmed in Turkey and Northern Iraq this documentary tells the story of how these Iraqi Kurds left their homelands between 1988 and 1991 and found refuge in Turkey. The documentary focuses on Saddam Husseyin’s El Enfal operation against the Iraqi Kurds seen through the eyes Kurdish officials, lawyers and Turkish journalists.

Open Door Documentary is aired weekly and only available through cable TV channels listed on http://turkishamericantv.org/open-door-program

#opendoor Director Mehmet M. Polat

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