Open Door – World Premiere

Turkish American TV Proudly presents

Open Door

A World Premiere

Open Door documentary series, directed by Mehmet M. POLAT, brings to light the stories of those who took refuge in Anatolia; the land of the Ottomans and the Turkish Republic. The documentary shows that since the creation of the Ottoman Empire these lands have never closed it’s doors to the people looking for refuge.

The documentary also shows how friendships have established through these people and the contribution of these  refugees and asylum seekers to the economy, the social and cultural life of Turkey.

Courtesy of Mehmet M. Polat

There is little dramatic structure as possible however historical facts are put forward through human stories.

Globally for first time, TATV viewers can watch Open Door only on cable TV channels in metropolitan Washington area starting November 22, 2017 at 8 PM  aired by AIM – Arlington Independent Media.

For more information on broadcasting dates and time please visit Open Door Program page.

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