Smart Glasses

One Screen to Replace Them All

TVs to laptops, smart phones to smart watches, dishwashers to toys, price labels to parking meters, digital screens are omnipresent. Anything and everything these days seem to have their own screen. What if all of these screens could be replaced by just one device?

We are well on our way. Osterhout Design Group showed the new R-8 smart glasses at AWE2017 designed to display any and all screens through their glasses. Their android based augmented reality glasses are not just lightweight and comfortable to wear, but with their crystal clear display and unobtrusive interface they have the potential to replace all of these screens at once.

In the near future, as software is being written for devices just like the R-8, users will be able to place a virtual TV on their living room wall through the glasses showing their favorite TV shows. They’ll be able to check their emails, messages, websites and all of their other communications from virtual smart phones, smart watches and laptops right where they’d like to set them up. Anywhere and everywhere they go they’ll be able to use their augmented reality glasses to give them just the right information integrated into the real world as if there was a real physical screen displaying the information right in front of them.

The promise of one screen that can do it all is just around the corner. Let’s start imagining all the fun possibilities.

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