Peace and Harmony Video Contest Winners

2016 Youth Video Contest Winners

The winners of the 2016 Youth Video Contest with the theme of “Peace and Harmony” received their awards on Sunday, December 18, 2016 in Fairfax, Virginia, with a red carpet reception and ceremony.

The First Place Award Winner Rhashad El received the good news via video conference while at his home in Henry County, McDonough, Georgia. His inspiring and humorous video is titled as “The Look Within“.


The 2016 Youth Video Contest Winner Rashad El

The Second Place Award Winner Olivia Colombo is from Kingston, Massachussetts. Her winning video is titled as “What does PEACE & HARMONY mean to me?“.

The 2nd Place Winner Olivia Colombo

The 2nd Place Winner Olivia Colombo

The Third Place Award Winner Alex Bougher is from Bloomington, Indiana. Her video is titled as Turk(ish)“, an amazing intercultural story of Caleb Farley who spent his childhood years in Ankara, Turkey.

Alex Bougher

The 3rd Place Award Winner Alex Bougher

Bora Toksoz with his video “Three Weeks Made Forever” and Thomas Chester with his video “Spiders” received Special Jury Recognition for their excellent video creations.

Congratulations to Contest Finalists! We are grateful to all contest participants who made a very important contribution to the understanding of “Peace and Harmony” from youth perspective with their artistic video productions and lovely stories. Thank you!

#Youth4Peace #PeaceVideoContest

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