Verdi’s Ernani Opera Premiers in Istanbul

Turkish American TV Proudly Presents

“Ernani” in Istanbul

Renowned Italian composer G. Verdi’s opera Ernani is staged by İstanbul State Opera and Ballet in Turkey after 170 years. Ernani, based on the play “Hernani” by Victor Hugo, was first performed in 1844 in Venice and was premiered in Istanbul for the first time in 1846 by Italian performers.

TATV exclusive!

The Istanbul State Opera and Ballet performs “Ernani” at the Süreyya Opera Theater in Kadıköy.

Ernani became Verdi’s most popular opera until it was superseded by Il trovatore after 1853. It is the first opera recorded completely in 1904.

TATV exclusively interviewed Suat Arıkan, the director of İstanbul State Opera and Bale; Zdravko Lazarov, one of the orchestra conductors of Ernani; bass Zafer Erdaş; baritone Cengiz Sayın; and sopranos Evren Ekşioğlu and Burçin Savigne. Mr. Arıkan highlighted that “the Ernani is a difficult opera since it relies heavily on music and singing rather than acting. Therefore singers must have powerful voices. Fortunately, we have a wealth of very talented sopranos, tenors, baritones, and bass in this production.”

Turkish Art and Theater critic Hayati Asılyazıcı also pointed out “the deep rooted opera tradition in Turkey” since the Italian performers staged almost all of the Verdi’s Operas in Istanbul during the 19th century.

Please click here to watch the historic documentary video in Turkish.

A multi-national production, Ernani, is on stage at  the Süreyya Opera Theater in Kadıköy until December 17, 2016.

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