Why Peace and Harmony?

video contest 2016
Video Contest encourages youth to engage with videography, audio-visual arts, and journalism. The contest is open to youth 29 years of age or younger living in the United States. The winning videos will be awarded $1000 for the first-place, $500 the second-place, and $250 third-place cash prize. The video submissions are accepted until midnight Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

For more information about the Video Contest Rules please visit turkishamericantv.org.

Why Peace and Harmony?

Peace is a strong sense of unity with oneself and within one’s own environment. Harmony is a deep and fulfilling connection with nature and with others. Together, Peace and Harmony allow us to overcome life’s obstacles and celebrate life’s joys. With Peace and Harmony, we let go of our egos and open our minds and hearts to the wonderful diversity that surrounds us. As today’s youth, we have the unique opportunity to shape the world into a more peaceful and harmonious place for ourselves and for future generations. When we communicate with love instead of hate, search for understanding instead of blame, and work towards lifting others up instead of putting them down, we are one step closer to achieving Peace and Harmony.

For information about the 2016 Youth Video Contest, please contact info@turkishamericantv.org


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