2015 Award Winning Youth Videos

Youth Video Contest Award Winners

“A Day in the Life of a Young Videographer”
Video Contest Winners

Eray Tulun (13) – “My video is about creativity and different ways to show it. You can show it through art, music, video, or any way you want to.”

Aybars Koçoğlu (10) – “19 saniyede 19 Mayis … Genclik Bayramimiz kutlu olsun!”

Mira Bayraktar (12) – “I wanted to show how greatful we are to Ataturk with this video. He gave us this holiday for us to remember him and what he has done to Turkey and its people. We are very lucky to have this special holiday. We should stay fit and work hard.”

Congratulations to the winners!
We appreciate all the interest and participation in TATV’s first annual
“A Day in the Life of a Young Videographer” video contest

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