Episode 104

“Historical Peninsula of Istanbul”, A documentary by Vedat Atasoy

Courtesy of Şarküteri Production

Contents: Khalkedon — The Land of Blind — İstanbul Bosphorus — Golden Horn — Milion Stone — The Egyptian Obelisk — The Serpent Column — The Column of Constantine — Hagia Sophia — Sulukule — Sultan Ahmet Mosque — Fener and Balat — Süleymaniye Mosque — Fatih Mosque — Mosaics of Karia.

With its history dating back to thousand and thousand years ago and the cultural richness inherited by different civilizations that governed the city, Istanbul is a common value not only for Turkish people but also for the humanity as a whole. The historic peninsula where the heart of this city is beating has been in the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 1985. This documentary reveals the Historic Peninsula’s adventure lasting more than 2500 years and reminds us of the priceless assets we own.
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