ZulfiqaRenatuS Duo

Turkish American Television Proudly Presents

An interview with ZulfiqaRenatuS Duo:
Zulfugar Baghirov and Renato Diz

Music is a universal language that allows humans to connect irrespective of any perceived boundaries. This language is the very glue that binds two intriguing musicians in their harmonious brotherhood, note-to-note, sound-to-sound, and heart to heart.

Program Host Özgül Andıcan with Zulfugar Baghirov and Renoto Diz

The ZulfiqaRenatuS Duo is undoubtedly amazing. Zulfugar’s ancestry traces to Karabagh, which literally means “Black Garden” in Azerbaijani Turkish. Zulfugar carries the seeds of an impressive lineage of musicians who emerged from the Black Garden, most notably, his world-renown grandfathers Qara Qarayev and Zakir Baghirov. Though Zulfugar is heavily influenced by the significant musical contributions of both grandfathers, he is in no way a shadow, but  a highly-talented musician and visionary in his own right.

Complementing Zulfugar’s extraordinary musical talent, vision, and soul is Renato Diz. Renato is of Portuguese descent and was exposed to music from the time he was in his mother’s womb. Like Zulfugar, he became a musician in his childhood and was introduced to jazz in his teens. His immense appreciation for jazz led him to New York where he met Zulfugar. The two would then discover that they were indeed “Two bodies, one soul..Two instruments, one sound… and Two lives… one message.”

TATV is delighted to host ZulfiqaRenatuS Duo and learn more about their phenomenal bond and musical endeavors, such as their latest CD titled QaraBag. Their work pays homage to Azerbaijan’s rich musical legacy while infusing itself in contemporary sounds and avant-garde. This episode highlights their work and provides a glimpse into the profound underpinning of their message. Watch it to awaken your heart, mind, and soul!

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