An interview with “Hayali” Cliff Long

Turkish American Television Proudly Presents

An interview with “Hayali” Cliff Long
Founder of the Crescent Moon Karagoz Shadow Puppet Theater

For those of Turkish ancestry, Karagoz and Hacivat have remained with us since childhood. Which Turkish adult wouldn’t remember his/her childhood when the beloved shows would come to life on holidays, causing an eruption of laughter, joy and bewilderment at the duo’s constant bantering and jokes? Undoubtedly, Karagoz and Hacivat are timeless, yet who would have ever known that their quirks could appeal just as well to American audiences?

Cliif Long with TATV host Ozgul Andican

Cliif Long with TATV host Ozgul Andican

Cliff Long, Founder of the Crescent Moon Karagoz Shadow Puppet Theater, is the one to thank for reviving the spirit of the quirky pair in a land so far away from their original home. In this TATV episode, Cliff Long explains the psychology of the two and what makes them so similar and appealing to their audiences irrespective of the audience’s culture, his own personal story, as well as the thought-process behind the making and translation of the shows.

A real treat awaits the viewer towards the end of the episode when they will be able to watch Karagoz and Hacivat continuing their musings, but in English!

Whether one had seen Karagoz and Hacivat shows countless times in their childhood or is watching one for the first time, Cliff’s original spin on this timeless tradition is a delightfully spectacle in its own right that will leave audiences amused, intrigued, and laughing.

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