Pemusatan Kalimasada: An Inner Energy Cultivation Practice

Turkish American TV Presents

Kalimasada: The Art of Energy Healing

Amid several well-known Eastern martial arts and meditative practices like Tai-chi, Tae Kwan Do, Karate, Kung fu, Judo, Qigong and Yoga, lays another ancient art-form waiting to be embraced by the masses as the others have been. Kalimasada, an Indonesian martial art, was guarded as a family secret for 200 years until an heir to this legacy decided to reveal it to the public in 1991.


Meitie Wilson, the chairwoman of Pemusatan
Kalimasada USA, with Goksin Carey

Kalimasada serves as a form of healing, self-defense and exercise. It also teaches and challenges its practitioners to channel their breathing more effectively, improving their overall energy levels and health. It comprises of various levels and an intricate philosophy as the Chairperson of Kalimasada USA, Meitie Wilson, explains in this video.

This Indonesian martial art has inspired Turkish-American Esin Reinhart to form Kalimasada DC, a group primarily consisting of but not exclusive to active Turkish-American practitioners in the nation’s capital. The group attests to the significant benefits they’ve experienced from practicing Kalimasada.

Learn about this martial art that is still considered a secret for many! This episode just might hold the key to unleashing your potential.

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