Community Jam Session and Immigration-Reform Bill

Listen to A Great Jam Session
Be In The Know About Immigration-Reform Bill

The Arlington Public Schools at Virginia has Adult Education Program, offering over 300 classes such as music to foreign languages, cooking, auto-repair, art to computers. In this video, Arlington County Adult Education Coordinator, Raul Matos outlines the basics of this program and the contributions of TATV’s own Engin Tanis to its music division, including how Engin introduced the idea of an instrument drive to benefit children who want to learn and play musical instruments but are unable to afford their rental costs.

Arlington Community Music Instructors

Community Jam Session at Arlington Adult Education Center

The first half of the video includes interviews with instructors Engin Tanis, Amy White, Toya Tanis, Paul Brown and Greg Sales as well as an enjoyable jam session.

The second half of the video follows with attorney Efe Potoroglu, partner at Butzel Long Tighe Patton PLLC, providing an informative and very straightforward account of the much-anticipated immigration reform bill and its implications. Age, level of education, and the type of employment are all factors that will be taken into consideration when issuing green cards if this bill is to pass. Along with many welcomed additions, some extra responsibilities will be placed on employers who seek to sponsor H-1B visa holders.

Goksin Carey and Efe

Goksin Carey and Efe Potoroglu

This informative session brings much insight into a comprehensive bill that might soon become law, affecting the lives millions of individuals and families living in the United States.

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