Third Annual Turkic American Convention

The 3rd Turkic American Convention in Washington, DC

March 15, 2013
Washington, DC

The third annual Turkic American Convention held by the Turkic American Alliance (TAA) in partnership with the Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkiye (TUSKON) on March 13-14, 2013, whose theme was “Energy, Trade, and Development” kicked off with an Odyssey cruise on the Potomac. Congressman Mo Brooks and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee were in attendance as well as 40 parliamentary members and mayors from Turkey, among them Kadir Topbas, the mayor of Istanbul. The list also  includes parliamentary members and leading policy makers from the TurkicRepublics of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and their ambassadors to the U.S. The ambassadors of Turkmenistan, Turkey, and Tajikistan were also present. The night was filled with messages calling for solidarity, economic partnership, and renewed ties, overlooking the beautiful Capitol building.

TAA Convention 1s

Panels on topics pertinent to the six Turkic republics and Tajikistan took place the following day at the JW Marriott Hotel, in Washington DC. The event concluded with a gala reception. Among the distinguished guests, were Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and currently the Minority Leader of the House, and 47 congress members, eight of them U.S. senators. Members of the parliament and ministry from the Turkic Republics were also present at the gala.  Richard Lui from MSNBC was the master of ceremonies.

TAA Convention 2s TAA Convention 3s

The convention yielded much praise from its speakers and attracted a 1,000 attendees. It achieved its goal of strengthening the relations between the US and the Turkic Republics thru dialogue among leading policy makers, parliamentary members, businessmen, and academics from the representing countries.

TAA Convention 4s

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