Agon and Orchis Performed by Festival Ballet Providence

Agon & Orchis Ballet on March 8-9-10, 2013 at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Providence, RI

The award-winning, exhibited, and published photographer A. Cemal Ekin’s photographs of dried orchid blossoms inspired the Festival Ballet Providence to commission a new ballet. With original choreography, music, costume, and stage set, the piece takes its name from the Greek Mythology demigod Orchis. At a party hosted by Bacchus, Orchis angers the host by going after the maidens and Bacchus tears him into pieces. Orchis’ father, distraught after his son’s demise, tries and succeeds to bring Orchis back to life as small flowers wherever the small pieces of Orchis lands; thus giving us the multitude of varieties in the species Orchidaceae.

The photographs of the orchids were taken after each blossom was left to dry where it fell. Each blossom dried in different shape and form yet all appeared like ballet dancers to Cemal Ekin. After photographing them, he digitally processed them to add a touch of mystery and surreal appearance. Trying to find dancers who could strike poses inspired by the photographs, Cemal was able to connect with the artistic director of the Festival Ballet Providence, Mihailo (Misha) Djuric. Misha was very excited about the photographs and decided to commission an original ballet piece that will be performed on March 8-9-10, 2013 at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Providence.

As the FBP Web site says “This newest work by Plotnikov is in collaboration with composer Sonya Belousova, acclaimed glass artist Toots Zynsky and photographer A. Cemal Ekin. A must see event!” There are many instances of dance inspiring photography, but this may be the first time photography inspiring dance.

See below for more information and additional photographs:

Turkish American Television is a proud supporter of Agon & Orchis performed by Festival Ballet Providence at Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Providence, RI

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