Episode 88

(29 minutes)

Barakka is a Turkish-Middle Eastern folk rock band based out of Philadelphia, PA. Lead singer and guitarist Baris Kaya started the band in 2003 when he came to the states to pursue his dream. The six-member band, including Baris, is composed of Jim Hamilton (drums), Roger Mgrdichian (oud, cumbus, and baglama), Jay Mintz (bass), Joseph Tayoun (percussions), and William Tayoun (keyboards). The band members, like their musical influences, come from all different backgrounds, uniting to create a unique sound of music.

The band name Barakka means “breadth of life” and was chosen based on a movie that Baris saw in previous years. Some of the band’s influences come from Turkish, Arabic (Lebanese), Armenian, Greek, and Persian music. They have managed to combine these influences into an original “east meets west” rock genre. Though all of their songs are in Turkish, the sound is very distinct and even those who do not understand the lyrics can enjoy their music.

Barakka recently released their first album, “Uzaklardan” (translated to “from far away”), which features 10 songs, including their most popular single, “Ağıt” (translated to “lament”). Some of these songs may be heard in the studio concert they provided on TATV. Please enjoy the video.

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