Episode 85

(29 minutes)

Azerbaijan, a Turkic country in the Caucasus region, is garning more attention in the Washington DC region due largely to the Karabakh Foundation‘s efforts in promoting Azerbaijani culture. Executive director Diana Cohen Altman outlines the organization’s mission in Episode 85 while Kelsey King, the Program Officer of Cultural Affairs, conducts an interview with Anna Stenko in which the artwork of Stenko’s father,Kamil Najafzade, is discussed. The famous painter’s artwork is a testament to Azerbaijan’s rich history and was showcased at an exhibition organized by the Karabakh Foundation titled, “Azerbaijani artist in every sense: Kamil Najafzade”.

September 2012 marked the first ever Turkish Cultural Heritage Month and its kick-off reception in the US House of Representatives is covered in this episode. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx and Lincoln McCurdy, president of the Turkish Coalition of America, can be seen discussing the Turkey Caucus’ progression into becoming the current largest bi-national congressional caucus. ATA-DC members Gizem Salcigil White and Demet Cabbar explain the month’s significance and how it was incepted.

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