Turkish-American Hour Episode 79

Turkish American Television Presents

Broad Horizons: Part II

This is the part two and final instalment of “Broad Horizons”, a documentary film about American Teachers travelling in Turkey.

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The Turkish Cultural Foundation selects a group American teachers k-12 annually since 2007 to offer a guided historical and cultural tour of Turkey. By taking them beyond the textbooks these tours provide first person exposure to Turkish culture. Upon their return they are able to share this experience with their students in the classroom. The film was produced and directed by Orhan Ayasli and cinematography by Scott Drucker.

Feast Delight

America’s renowned television station PBS has began airing a Turkish cooking show “Feast Delight” presented by Müge Karslı.

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Being the first show about Turkish Cuisine on PBS, “Feast Delight” debuted with rave reviews by the public TV audience. Turkish-American Hour takes you behind the scenes of this show with Müge Karslı. She is married and mother 5 children, a business professional, and yes, a talented cook!   For Washington D.C. area show dates and times, please check WETA program listing  at: http://www.weta.org/tv/programsatoz/program/80585#channel

Turkish American TV is a proud media sponsor of Feast Delight show.

For broadcasting schedule, please check http://turkishamericantv.org/program

To watch this show on Internet, please visit http://turkishamericantv.org/episode-79

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