Broad Horizons

Broad Horizons is an entertaining and informative documentary that showcases the ancient civilizations of Anatolia, modern Turkey and its people in a visually and aurally exciting way, while following a human story of growth.

Broad Horizons follows the journey of a group of American teachers to Turkey in the summer of 2010. It captures their aspirations as they prepare to go on the trip, travels with them as they go beyond their textbooks and get a first-hand look at Turkey and the impact that exploring a foreign culture can have on the minds of educators and their students.

Every year since 2007, the Turkish Cultural Foundation (TCF) hosts American educators for in-depth study tours through historical and cultural sites around Turkey. Organized in partnership with the World Affairs Council of America (WACA) and their local chapters across the United States, the TCF Teacher Study Tours introduced 348 American educators to Turkey. The participating teachers are competitively selected by the local chapters of WACA and by TCF. The teachers on the tours experienceTurkey first-hand: seeing the sites, tasting the food, dancing to the music, and meeting the people. In the process, the educators explore creative ways and collect material to supplement their curriculum.

All these educators have since returned to their classrooms and shared their travel experience and insights aboutTurkeywith countless students who learn about a different country and culture through first-hand knowledge rather than reading about it in a textbook. 

About TCF: As a non-profit charitable organization funded entirely by private donations, TCF strives to support the preservation of Turkish culture withinTurkey and abroad through original programs, educational and research initiatives, and cooperation with like-minded organizations. 

About WACA: The World Affairs Councils of America represents and supports the largest national non-partisan network of local councils that are dedicated to educating, inspiring and engaging Americans in international affairs and the critical global issues of our times.

About the Director: Orhan Ayasli graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Cinema-Television Production from the University of Southern California in 2010. His Turkish-American heritage and his personal commitment to the mission of TCF led him to direct and produce Broad Horizons.

Source: Turkish Cultural Foundation

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