Turkish-American Hour Epiosde 68

Turkish American Television Presents

“Talking Turkey” with Erju Ackman  

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In this third installment of the series, program host Erju Ackman interviews studio guest Emrah Gurkan on  the historic roots of state sponsored activities that support the policies of nations. The topic is again the Ottoman Empire and is very close to the heart of Emrah who selected the subject of Ottoman corsairs in the Mediterranean as his Master’s Thesis. Emrah is a Ph.D. candidate at Georgetown University.      

Sheilah Kaufman, Co-author of
“The Turkish Cookbook: Regional Recipes and Stories”

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The second guest of the program is food writer Sheilah Kaufman, co-author of “The Turkish Cookbook: Regional Recipes and Stories”. She wrote the book together with Nur ?lkin, the wife of Ambassador Baki ?lkin, Permanent Representative of Turkey to the UN.  Kaufman presents two easy to make healthy, tasty, and economical dishes one based on a unique grain ‘frika/green spelt’ the other  simply with red peppers.      

For broadcasting schedule, please check http://turkishamericantv.org/program      

To watch this show on Internet, please visit http://turkishamericantv.org/episode-68     

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