Sertab Erener and Demir Demirkan Live!

Sertab Erener and Demir Demirkan in
Washington, D.C.

PAINTED ON WATER, the duo of star Turkish performers, whose
current self-titled album project by the vocalist Sertab Erener and composer/guitarist
Demir Demirkan gave a vibrant concert in K Street Lounge in Washington, D.C. on April
8, 2010.

Photo © 2010 Ian Walter
Please click on the picture to watch the video

Sertab Erener and Demir Demirkan are among Turkey’s most celebrated musicians. Erener’s 12 albums have sold in the millions in Europe and Asia.
Guitarist, composer and Painted On Water album co-producer Demirkan is one of Turkey’s true rock stars. Since the year 2000 he has released a dozen CDs including solo albums and film scores. He and Erener co-wrote the 2003 international hit, “Every Way That I Can” Turkey’s first and only winner in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.” (Source:

TATV has been frequently airing Sertab Erener and Demir Demirkan’s music videos since the early days of its broadcast life. Enjoy Sertab Erener’s recent video clip “Hayat Beklemez” (Life Doesn’t Wait) at
You can also watch our recent interview with Demir Demirkan at:

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